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Mergers and Acquisitions

These types of transactions are some of the most important any business can make and they require the skill and experience of seasoned attorneys who can ensure you get the best value and maximum protection. Whether you’re looking to sell a practice, real estate, a valuable asset, or enter into a joint venture, MLG can provide you with the legal support to ensure the deal gets done right.

Business Structuring and Financing

The firm has experience helping clients in various aspects of financing and structuring. Early stage companies or firms that have been around for decades have different needs and MLG will ensure it fashions the correct legal strategy to meet your business needs. If your business requires restricting, refinance loans or other debt, is selling equity or taking on new investors, the team at MLG have the experience and relationships to handle the most complex transactions. From Angel Financing to changing legal structures to maximize tax benefits, MLG will provide unparalleled legal advice and services to exceed your goals.

Health Care Compliance

Ensuring that your Healthcare business is compliant with the vast amounts of laws and regulations that govern how you deliver care, relate with physicians or structure ventures, requires a team of professionals with experience and skill. This is not an area where corners can be cut. The healthcare industry is under intense scrutiny and to be successful you need a plan and continued vigilance to ensure you stay in compliance with the many complex laws that govern the industry. MLG can help with everything from routine transactions to complex investigations and can design compliance programs to protect your business. HIPAA/HITECH, Anti-Kickback, Stark, False-Claims Act, Sunshine Act compliance are just a few areas of expertise MLG has in the field of Health Compliance.

Real Estate

From lease negotiations, to financing and re-financing, deal structuring, and property sales, MLG has experts to help address your real-estate legal needs in a thoughtful, cost effective way. Focusing on your business goals and matching them with the appropriate legal structure and protections will ensure your real estate transactions are handled deftly. Without the appropriate legal guidance, your business goals may not be as easily met. MLG can provide the right support to ensure your business succeeds when handling real estate deals.

Intellectual Property

MLG can file trademarks and DBAs to ensure the valuable name, logos and associated goodwill of your business is protected from dilution and misappropriation. Once the name of your business is adequately protected, MLG will monitor and ensure competitors do not misuse your marks and diminish your brand.

Provider / Payer Contracting

Effectively negotiating contracts with insurance companies and other third party payers, big and small, can have an enormous impact on your company’s or your practice’s bottom line. Failing to leverage your strengths appropriately can result in the loss of significant margins. MLG will take the time to understand your business and its strength to ensure you secure the best legal and business deal terms to enhance your company’s safety and profitability.


About the firm

Established with the goal of creating genuine value for its clients, the firm combines real world experience and sound legal advice to emerging and established healthcare and life science companies.  The firm’s principal, David Manheim, has represented health care providers, life science companies, medical device manufacturers, insurers, real estate companies and other organizations, in various business transactions for over 20 years.  Realizing that the healthcare and life sciences communities have unique needs and operate in a complicated regulatory environment, The Manheim Law Group strives to provide practical solutions which balance the business and legal goals of its clients.


Have the courage to say “no” when it is the right advise for your client, but the intellectual creativity to follow on with a succinct explanation and viable alternatives, if available, to allow clients to accomplish their goals. Value our clients’ time as if it were your own so as to provide a level of customer service that drives our clients to call again and refer us to colleagues.

About David Manheim

Mr. Manheim began his career in healthcare in 1988 working as a healthcare business valuation consultant. Since then, he has been using his business, legal and compliance background to help various companies manage their operations. Since 1994, David has provided legal representation to companies in the following industries: transportation and logistics, life sciences, medical devices, medical and research foundations, universities, valuation firms, healthcare service and consulting firms, dialysis companies, nursing homes and retail and wholesale pharmacies. Mr. Manheim graduated from the University of California San Diego and from Southwestern Law School and has been admitted to practice law in California since 1994. He is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Health Law Section, and a former m
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